On July 20, Downtown Thursdays comes back to McClevy Green where it all started!  Get your lawn chairs out, bust out the Beads as the revelers come out for Rock n Funk nights.


Symphonic Bodega is a rock music collective formed in 2012 and led by guitarist/composer Christophersbodega Cavaliere. Expanding upon a neighborhood of sounds that harmonize rock, funk, surf, free jazz and americana, Symphonic Bodega is a multi-genre ensemble which incorporates diverse influences. Inspired by orchestrated grooves and spontaneous improvisation, Bodega’s sound will entertain the soul. They have been featured with national touring acts The StepkidsConsider the SourceElephant Wrecking Ball and Perhaps.


BRYAC Funk All Stars

What started as a simple weekly gathering of old friends playing old and new tunes has evolved into one of the best kept secrets of New England’s music scene. The core band is comprised of members of Deep Banana Blackout and Kung Fu, and features regular guest appearances by some of the heaviest musicians around. The Bryac Funk Allstars repertoire consists of deep cuts from jazz, soul, and funk, with a little Latin spice to bring the heat. It’s a Pawty…!

The Bryac Funk Allstars are: Rob Somerville (Sax & Vocals- Deep Banana Blackout/ Kung Fu), Cyrus Madan (Hammond Organ- Deep Banana Blackout), Rob Volo (Trombone & Vocals- Deep Banana Blackout), Adrian Tramontano (Drums- Kung Fu), Chris DeAngelis (Bass & Vocals- Kung Fu), Jesse Gibbon (Keys- Elle King), Johnny Durkin (Percussion & Jameson- Deep Banana Blackout), Hans Broeking (Percussion-Pannus Faht).